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Intro post - newlywed-to-be

Name and/or LJ userID: Melissa
When you were married: We are getting married on 4/23/09
Wife/Husband/Other (please specify): Brad
Age: I will be 28, he's turning 40 this year
City/State/Country you live in: MA
Do you have any children?: He has a 12 year old daughter
Are you planning on having children?: We plan to have 1-2 more children
Do you own a house?: We own a townhouse, we plan to move this year to a full sized house
Is this your first time living together?: We've lived together for 9 years
What are your shared goals for the next two years?: Moving, puppies, babies
Anything else you'd like to tell us?:  I'm joinining now because I don't want to forget after we get married! Wish us luck!
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