Stephanie (daisygoddess) wrote in newlywedplans,

A yay for hubby!

This past week my husband celebrated his 1 year smoke free!!!! I was so proud of him!

When we first started dating, we were both smokers. I was a social smoker and he was a pack a day smoker. I ended up quitting (luckily it was easy for me to start and stop without problem) and ever since i bugged him to quit too.

Time after time he would tell me to let him do it on his own. And finally, one day he went into the stop and rob, aka convience store, and came right out. He said "You know what, i don't really feel like it anymore." I had asked what i could do to help, and he told me to buy him a Playstation.

So the rest is history! 1 year smoke free and i couldn't be more proud of him!
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