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Trigger Happy

Hi! Im new here, Just found this community and I am very excited!

Name and/or LJ userID: Renee

When you were married: Thats a secret (technically our familys don't know know)

Wife/Husband/Other (please specify): Im the wife


City/State/Country you live in: Arizona

Do you have any children?: do fur babys count? I have two Max and Isabella

Are you planning on having children?: Yeah we want three..or so. Abigail Claire E ( her nick name will be ACE) WIlliam Owens E (WOE a family name) and FInaly Hayden for another boy and if we have a girl Gwen. Of course realistically I could have all boys but I want an ACE!

Do you own a house?: Sure do for a year now! I also own a farm from before i met him but its in Kentucky.

Is this your first time living together?: Yup

What are your shared goals for the next two years?: Buy a second house, ummm save?

Anything else you'd like to tell us?:
I have an..odd? question that I hope someone could help me with..since apparently no one can answer..

We are currently looking into buying a second house in Kentucky where my farm is...Its *only* 45,000 and would be able to pay it in cash. BUT! he is fighting with me saying that it will help our credit scores if we take out a small 20,000 dollar mortgage. Is he correct? To me it would just seem stupid. Any advice on this would be awesome since I am a total newbie to this mortgage/credit score thing.  If anyone knows a better community for this quesiton that would be AWESOME also. I feel weird asking debt communitys since well, most of them are trying to get out of debt while he we are trying to get  into more debt.


The black one is Izzy and the red one is Max..and the toes are mine...ha

That is Clint and Izzy...his "favourite" girl...his words not mine...


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