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Funny Post Wedding Blues

I came across this top ten list on how you know if you have the post wedding blues. Do you have any of these??

1. You decide to turn your veil into a pretty lace curtain (and then secretly stand under it and recite your wedding vows when you think no one could possibly be watching).

2. You answer questions with “I do” instead of “yes”—which is driving your friends, family and coworkers up the wall (and it’s why nobody’s in a hurry to return your calls).

3. Your new favorite hobby is watching the raw footage of your wedding video on repeat while chowing down on a slice of stale cake.

4. You’ll no longer leave the house without something old, new, borrowed and blue.

5. You host a dinner party re-creating the food at your reception, giving the option of chicken, fish or steak.

6. You’re planning the weddings of everyone you know who’s had a significant other for more than a month. Okay, a week.

7. You now call all of your vacations “honeymoons,” including when you’re just going home to see your parents for a few days.

8. You order your signature cocktail when out at your favorite bar—never mind that the “Lovetini” isn’t exactly on the menu.

9. You buy the chic paper lanterns you see at a flea market because they would’ve been just perfect for your cocktail hour.

10. You invite your married girlfriends over for a “wear your wedding dress” party and play all the music from your reception.
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