Carly (carllyy) wrote in newlywedplans,

Division of Labor

I have some questions about the division of labour. I'm particularily interested in people who are married/common-law but don't have children since we have no kids yet.

DH and I are having issues with the division of chores/household tasks. I'm unemployed right now, so that's creating extra stress but normally we both work full time. The problem is even when we're both working full time I feel like I do all the housework. Right now it happens like this.

Me: -cooking
-cleaning 95% of the time
-bill paying
-grocery shopping
-animal care
-dog poop (50%)
-gardening/weeding (seasonal)

Him: -cleans up the kitchen when he's on day shift so 50% of the time (and I help)
-cuts the grass (we live in Canada so this is seasonal)
-household repairs
-dog poop (50%)
-cleans the house (it happens rarely but when he does it he spends like 10hrs doing it. The last time was at least 4 months ago)

So we had a big fight last night about it because he maintains that he does half the work. Aside from that apparently I should be doing 100% of it because I'm unemployed. That part I can deal with since it's a temporary situation but I need help in the long term. How can we divide things up to be more fair? How do you do it? How do you decide who does what? There are jobs that I know will always be mine (cooking, grocery shopping, animal care, bills) but I need a way to either ensure he does more or at the very least show him that I do a lot more around the house than he does. Help!
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