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Its like wedding plans ...

put to pasture!

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This community is for people who have graduated from weddingplans but are still addicted to sharing & planning their lives together. This is a community for people who are newly married, or oldly married. This is a community for giving and getting advice on your new family, your new life, and new adventures that may come your way!

Please be considerate to the other members of this community and follow these rules:

  1. You are more than welcome to express your reasons as to why something "is not your style", but please respect others' preferences. We all come from different regional, religious and ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life. Acknowledge that others may think differently and be gracious about it when someone else challenges your opinion or the way you expressed it. If you cannot discuss the issue in a calm, rational manner, then do not respond. Just delete it and let it go.

  2. We, as moderators, will ask you to delete any post that is completely off-topic. All discussions must involve your newlywed life somehow. You may talk about how wonderful your husband/wife is or how nasty your mother-in-law is, but it must be in relation to newlywed planning. There are communities for the general discussion of those issues. This community is for the discussion of newlywed planning. Anything not directly related to the actual act of planning a life with their husband/wife will be considered off topic. Use your best judgement, if you think it might even remotely be off-topic hide it behind a cut.

  3. Anyone caught personally attacking another member will be warned on the first offence, then banned on the second.

  4. If drama errupts in the comments of a post, keep it in the comments! Any community post made to fuel the drama will be deleted, no warnings.

  5. Put all large pictures (bigger than 400 pixels on any side), multiple images and long posts behind a lj-cut tag. Instructions on how to use the cut feature (and a few others) can be found here.

  6. Wrap big long URLs in HTML anchor tags (instructions here).

  7. In the interest of keeping newlywedplans a respectful and harassment-free webspace, we require that you do not use a user icon containing profanity or pornography when posting or commenting in this communtiy. Violations of this rule will result in one warning, then a ban if not corrected.

  8. Also, please refrain from the over-use of profanity in your posts. We do understand your need to vent about some things from time to time. If you post a vent/rant with extreme language, please hide it behind a LiveJournal cut tag with a warning.

  9. Do not spam. Spam will be deleted with no warning.

When you join, please fill out this short introduction survey and post it to the community.

Name and/or LJ userID:
When you were married:
Wife/Husband/Other (please specify):
City/State/Country you live in:
Do you have any children?:
Are you planning on having children?:
Do you own a house?:
Is this your first time living together?:
What are your shared goals for the next two years?:
Anything else you'd like to tell us?:

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