the attention just encourages her (xhollydayx) wrote in newlywedplans,
the attention just encourages her


Name and/or LJ userID: Holly and xhollydayx
When you were married: June 14, 2008
Wife/Husband/Other (please specify): Husband, although I still accidentally call him boyfriend or fiance. His name is Nathan, and he is also known as cynic51 (although does not yet want to join the community)
Age: 26, he is 31
City/State/Country you live in: Lakewood (suburb of Cleveland), Ohio, USA
Do you have any children?: No. We have a dog, who is like a child.
Are you planning on having children?: I have some chronic health issues, so we are planning on raising children but whether or not we biologically have them is not up to us.
Do you own a house?: We bought a house before we were even engaged! I actually lost some friends over that.
Is this your first time living together?: The house was our first time living together. It will be two years in March.
What are your shared goals for the next two years?: As long as I get in to one of my top two grad schools, maintain a long distance relationship. Other than that, lots of travel.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: Nah, I might have already given more information than needed above!
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